Sharlene, known as NZ’s Baby Whisperer, is a postnatal advisor who offers parents nationwide her guidance and advice, helping families to have a more enjoyable experience in parenting in the early years. Sharlene offers parental “coaching” in the following key areas.

Preparing for your baby

Feeding Advice

Daily Routines

Day to day lifestyle suggestions

Sleeping Problems

Sibling Adjustment

Sharlene helps parents with babies and children (0-5yrs of age), offering consultations by phone and via skype/zoom calls or visits them in their own home. She listens or observes, helping to determine the best solutions for their baby’s age and personality, offering ideas tailored to the families individual needs and beliefs. read more

New Arrival

Sharlene’s videos with top techniques


This is the practical handbook that every mother needs when preparing for a new baby. Broken down into easy-to-follow timeframes from preparing for arrival and birth right through to 12 months, you’ll quickly find answers to everything you need to know



Adam Crouchley

Sharlene was a huge help to Trish and myself. As new parents, she gave us a really good idea of how we could better understand Joshua and what he needed. As Sharlene says, there are lots of different crys that a baby has, but without the support of someone like Sharlene, we had no idea which […]

Paul Turner

My partner and I asked Sharlene to come and help us with our new baby girl after we were really struggling to know what to do and our (probably 6 weeks old at that stage) daughter was constantly crying, was losing weight rapidly and generally driving us towards a breakdown. No exaggeration – when our […]

Jessica Burns

Thank you so much sharlene. My little boy had not slept in his cot for months before trying your settling technique. I too have your book and it is my baby bible! Highly recommend! I was going crazy before I spoke with you and was at a loss as to what to do next. Thank […]

Latest News

Seminars 2021

I’m back term 2 at The Parenting Place’ in Auckland for my seminar. June 1st – 10am until 12pm; Developmental Stages, Settling Your baby and Routine information (0-1yr) For booking click on link below: Development stages and settling 4-12 months

2019 Greetings and Update

A catch up on what has been happening with George and Little Miracles! 2019 is shaping up to be a very busy year already!  George is all go, the delightful 18mth old has taken that next leap into activeness and is keeping me on my toes! His personality is really shining through and with that […]

A determined toddler at 16mths!

Since George turned one, it feels like it has been another whole year with the amount of change that has happened with my wee man!  The change from that big baby to toddler is so dramatic and it has been quite an emotional shift for me as a mum. That baby you want to hold […]