Sharlene Poole is one of New Zealand’s leading baby and early childhood advisors whose unique skills are in demand here and around the world.
As an advisor to parents, Sharlene brings an air of calm confidence into the homes of new parents as she works closely with the whole family to ensure a smooth transition after the arrival of a new baby or helping to implement positive changes with older babies and toddlers with daily routines. Sharlene has an unique innate gift with babies and children. Combine this with over 20 years experience working in postnatal care and early childhood she is able to confidently take the stress and uncertainty out of those many questions that come with parenting.
With a passion for the development of young children, Sharlene is a warm and vivacious woman whose career began when studying early childhood in the early 90’s at New Zealand College of Early Childhood Education, Christchurch.
Working then as a nanny in New Zealand and the United Kingdom she moved onto the stimulating role of supervisor at the Early Childhood Centre in Auckland, which worked by the Italian Reggio Emila approach to childcare.
Keen to see more of the world and focus on working with small babies again, Sharlene based herself in the UK again where she quickly forged a unique market for herself as a maternity nurse (24hr a day work, 6 days a week job). Her reputation grew quickly through word-of-mouth and soon Sharlene was being flown around the world to ex-pat. clients in countries such as Japan, India, South Africa, Australia, Dubai and Russia. And it is this experience which sets Sharlene apart. Through her travels she has been able to observe firsthand how various cultures embrace parenthood and incorporate the best techniques into her philosophy.
Arriving home to NZ 14 years ago, Sharlene set up Little Miracles Postnatal Care Ltd, where her knowledge soon gained attention and she was the subject of a documentary on Television New Zealand’s Sunday programme. This really launched the concept of private consultants for families with babies and soon she was resident baby expert of TVNZ’s Good Morning Show. For 6 years she became a household name in NZ, travelling around the country giving advice to private families and seminars/workshops.
Alongside this, she has written for several magazines before being approached by Penguin publishers 6 to write a baby style manual, Baby Whispering, Sharlene Poole, a guide for parents with baby’s from Birth to 1 year, which launched 6 years ago.

More recently she became a mother herself, first to a son George and now 2 years later to a daughter, Tia. This has enhanced Sharlene’s knowledge and has brought more meaning to her advice for many parents.
Currently Sharlene is finishing off her 2nd book with Penguin, this time for the older age group, 1-5 years, while still advising clients on a part time basis.