First Trimester

First Blog, First trimester…

I have been very fortunate to have had a very easy pregnancy. With 3 weeks to go, I reflect on the past 8 months and they have been incredibly busy so thank goodness my pregnancy has been so good.

The first trimester was the hardest, as most people find! IT was the end of the year, that time every year is when I am shattered from the year that has just been, business normally is hectic and so having the nausea and tiredness on top was definitely a challenge.

I made a decision early on to go to Para Rubber, where I got a mattress cut to fit the boot of my car (which lays flat enough to sleep in) and on several days, in between jobs in Auckland, I would pull over when I was just fighting to stay awake, and have a 10min power nap! I had it made up with pillows, sheets etc…

Luckily the back windows are all tinted:) I have always strongly recommended the 10min power nap, but now I realize is can be vital, particularly when driving a lot for work.

The only other thing I found hard was that I am Wheat Free, so when traveling (4 days a week for work I am on the road) and having nausea, craving carb’s, it was very hard to find the foods that I could eat that I wanted to eat!!   Mostly my body told me that I needed broth, beef pho or chicken miso soup and fresh vegetable juice…but I did crave a few sausage rolls here and there, so broke my wheat free diet a few times here and there!

Hot tips for your first trimester:

  • Eat good healthy broth/vege juice… it settled my nausea!
  • When exhausted you just need to find 10min to spare for a day nap
  • Keep fit – I walked a lot, several km every weekend.