Second Trimester

Most people have told me that their 2nd trimester was the most enjoyed stage of pregnancy, the sickness and tiredness had gone and you have started to feel your baby move.

For me the same was true, however I took on a huge job, a 6-week 24hr job with a newborn baby and his family! Fitting in the odd email and phone consult in between – arhh.

So quite unnaturally for this stage in pregnancy I was sleeping in the same room as the baby from when he was 5 days old, waking the mum in the night to come and feed and then settling him back to sleep.

It has been quite some years since I have done a 6-week job like this, the longest in the past 2yrs has been 3 weeks but that was in Russia and when I was fit and not 5 months pregnant!

It was very very odd I have to say, kneeling and bending over to help teach the mum to breast feed, winding and settling a newborn while I could feel my baby moving inside!

What was great was that by the end of the 6 weeks, I was reminded that I really did know and it comes very naturally now after 20yrs, what to do to help transition a newborn into this world, even when shattered and growing a baby inside me, it was like a duck to water as they say!

Lucky for me the job was on a stunning, flat rural property and I was able to walk (with the help of my belly brace) on fine days to keep my fitness up for pregnancy and keep my energy levels up. When sleep deprived, this is key for your mental well being I find.

My hot two products this month were both gifts, one from a client who recommended Nature Baby’s Belly Stretch Oil. I have loved it and am onto my 2nd bottle – no new stretch marks (have many from puberty) and a BellyBand – Kindly gifted to me by Bella Mama in Auckland. I had surgery 2.5yrs ago and so as the baby has grown the weight on my scar has been quite noticeable when exercising and also lifting babies/working. This Bellyband has been a godsend.