Sharlene, known as NZ’s Baby Whisperer, is a postnatal advisor who offers parents nationwide her guidance and advice, helping families to have a more enjoyable experience in parenting in the early years. Sharlene offers parental “coaching” in the following key areas.

Preparing for your baby

Feeding Advice

Daily Routines

Day to day lifestyle suggestions

Sleeping Problems

Sibling Adjustment

Sharlene visits parents in their own homes for a selected period of time, she listens and observes, then problem solves giving suggestions and ideas tailored to each families individual needs. Alongside home visits there are other options like phone consultations, Skype calls and group seminars…read more

New Arrival

Sharlene’s videos with top techniques


This is the practical handbook that every mother needs when preparing for a new baby. Broken down into easy-to-follow timeframes from preparing for arrival and birth right through to 12 months, you’ll quickly find answers to everything you need to know

Latest News

Second Trimester

Most people have told me that their 2nd trimester was the most enjoyed stage of pregnancy, the sickness and tiredness had gone and you have started to feel your baby move. For me the same was true, however I took on a huge job, a 6-week 24hr job with a newborn baby and his family! […]

First Trimester

First Blog, First trimester…

I have been very fortunate to have had a very easy pregnancy. With 3 weeks to go, I reflect on the past 8 months and they have been incredibly…

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