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This video demonstrates Sharlene’s famous winding technique. IT is an essential tool in the early weeks of your babies life and for those babies suffering from more wind or reflux discomfort. Recommended for babies from birth until 6mth subject to necessity.

Settling newborn
Sharlene’s side settling technique is recommended for those parents who struggle to get their babies to settle in a bassinette or cot. It is a hands on approach to calming your baby and helping to assist them to sleep as peacefully as possible in their beds.

Settling older baby
Sharlene’s tummy settling technique is recommended for babies over 6mths of age or for those babies who can move independently from back to tummy and tummy to back but struggle to go off to sleep without assistance. It is a hands on approach to calming your older baby to sleep in their cot.

These two options for swaddling your newborn baby are recommended when you have a baby who struggles to settle and sleep well due to their arms and hands moving or jerking when tired. Their ‘moro’ reflex is very obvious and swaddling or wrapping helps to keep them calm and secure.

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  • This is a set of 4 online film tutorials that you will be given access to for 4 weeks from the date of purchase