My week on the road with George…

Returning back from a whirlwind trip to Tauranga and Auckland, I have had to spend the weekend recovering, getting George back in routine and allowing both of us to catch up on sleep!
While I have travelled the world with a newborn, this trip was shattering, as unlike all those trips, for example Delhi to Kashmir with a 3 week old for a week, I was doing this alone!
The timing of packing a car, working out travel times that suit his sleep times and fits in with friends, family and the work that I had to do…. Not to mention remembering to make sure I was fed and watered to keep my milk supply up!
Lucky for George, I am well practiced at this but I myself by the time I got home was shattered.
The knowledge and experience that I was grateful for was knowing how to adapt his routine to fit in with the sleeps that were cut short with the filming that I was doing, getting him back on track for his usual evening routine so that I could get sleep and cope with the load I had to take on the next day!
It can be very easy to flag everything you have created when you are away, it is much easier in a way to just ‘go with the flow’ but often the repercussions are not worth it and one thing I was certain of, was the fact that I was going to need my sleep at night to be able to do my work and drive safely.

While I was driving or feeding in the night, I thought about all that I had been through on this journey or even in the first 3 days of being home, Fussy feeding, resettling, how to avoid a baby waking in the car while you are driving alone, practicing the 80/20 rule that I have preached for many years and juggling family and friends whom all want to met, hold and give love to the little man.

The 80/20 rule, it is all about trying to give a baby consistency but being mindful that there are days and times where you need to break routine.
So when for example George woke early when arriving at a friends house to stay, instead of taking him to the room to resettle him, ignoring a 3yr old who was sooo excited to see him, I let him get up, interact. It made his little friend Grey’s afternoon and George got to share a bath with her too, but there were repercussions, he was very hard to feed, very tired and I had to comfort him more than normal and take him to a quiet space to feed before settling to bed for the night (with a couple of resettles too!).

Fussy feeding usually starts around 6-9weeks of age, babies who are very aware, very visual and inquisitive will often do this when out and about or if a mothers milk flow is fast, and so with George, it was to start with the feeding in different places, he took the first part of the feed no problem but then would not take the rest, which of course then resulted in him waking 1x more in the night and then a sudden increase of milk (after 3 days on road) and then him fussing at my supply being too much!! Suddenly then he wanted to be a single side feeder not both sides like he had been. Arrh because I know what this creates with a lot of babies, snack feeding in the day, catch up at night… then they are not as hungry in the day and very hungry at night – and so the new cycle goes!
So when I got home, 3 days I spent, rising above his complaining at the breast, expressing to help reduce the fullness for start of the day feeds, and then we, by day 3 are getting back to our usual routine. Phew!

While away I took his bassinette but what I did love, to avoid disturbing him from his sleep so often was using the mountain buggy carry cot, which fits inside the bassinette fitting for the buggy… this was so great when visiting someone and popping him down for a sleep before a walk.
Also the clip and go option with the carseat and buggy… I am using that where I need to pop into shops, I don’t want to lift the capsule where possible post surgery and a weak back and being able to lock it onto the buggy wheels makes it less disturbing for him… his does look like his is riding high, people are definitely tempted to come and say hi because he not hidden away under the hood of the bassinette!

Yesterday was a prime example how I love routine, I had TVNZ come down for the day to finish off filming, they are doing a follow up story on me after the story 10 years ago… So I needed George to be looked after for a couple of hours….
Lucky for me, my friend and neighbour who work’s at home could do it and so into his carry cot, down the road we walked. I settled him to sleep and 2.5hrs later (my feed was due at 2pm ish) I had text at 2.05pm saying he was awake!! She only got to have snuggles just at the end!

Now I am day 6 of being home, George is back on track with his settling and sleeping, day 4 and 5 were good but day 6 great! Each day he got easier and easier but this morning was just dreamy… a sleepy yawn after 1hr 15, swaddled and into bed after 1hr 20, I heard a few grizzles as I finished off expressing but soon it was quiet and by 1hr 25, he was asleep…no need for settling technique or dummy (he is a sucky boy!) and no crying, bless him and I have to say, I love routine! So from 3 waking’s in the night for the last few days of my working trip (fussy feeding in the day/hungry at night) then back to 2 waking’s, then last night I had just 1 ☺