Wow how these past 9 months have flown by, it is very surreal that in 2 days time I will be a mother and holding a baby of my own in my arms!

This trimester has been another great 3 months, I have moved into my first home, worked away until 4 weeks ago and then for the last 4 weeks, have just seen Raglan clients and continued with my phone/Skype consultations.

The most challenging thing I have found is not being able to do as much as I would like to do! I have always been an active, hard to sit still type person and so when moving into my house, unpacking was rather challenging – especially when you have a mother who is very loving, but worries a lot! I have to confess there have been the odd few nights, when alone, that I have done a few naughty maneuvers, just to get jobs done… like I am sure many expectant mothers have done for years.

Just last week, the sun was shinning and I have two large raised gardens which have beautiful soil, left behind by the previous owners, and for a garden lover like me, it was just so painful to sit and look at them not being utilized. I also want to start juicing once home from my c. section and so needed to plant!

I got out there, dug it over and planted, carrots, spinach, celery and then garlic for summer… A friend who’s wife is the lovely lady who takes care of me with Bowen Therapy, popped down to the end of the garden while I was in action – I said “don’t tell Linda”… and his response was, “oh woman have done this for years when pregnant”… which is true, maybe just not always at 40yrs and when you cannot go into natural labour due to surgery 2yrs ago!

It felt so good though, and I was lucky enough to soak in a bath after, and then saw Linda for my weekly Bowen Treatment.

IF there is one thing that I can highly highly recommend for all of your pregnancy but more so this last trimester as you start carrying around more and more weight – that is Bowen Therapy or treatment for you body, with that be acupuncture, Osteopathy or something similar. It can be expensive and I have been blessed with my treatment as a gift, but previous to being pregnant, I had treatment 2-4 weekly from Linda. Lifting, bending and running after babies and children take a toll on your body, we must look after ourselves to be the best we can be for them!

So as I reflect on these last 3 months, I have to say, I have been blessed with a wonderful, healthy pregnancy. No swelling (I am wheat free), still plenty of energy and more time seeing friends and people in my community whom otherwise for the past 9 yrs I have always only seen on ‘catch up’ mode due to my usual hectic commuting, long hours of work lifestyle.