Sharlene Poole testimonial

Paul Turner

My partner and I asked Sharlene to come and help us with our new baby girl after we were really struggling to know what to do, and our (probably 6 weeks old at that stage) daughter was constantly crying, was losing weight rapidly and generally driving us towards a breakdown. No exaggeration – when our girl saw Sharlene and Sharlene picked her up, she started “cooing” at Sharlene and smiling as she’d never done at us! We knew straight away that she had something special. She gave us some great tips, which made immediate improvements and generally took away much of our stress. She could advise us on OUR situation and OUR baby, rather than just generalising like some others seemed to. We followed her (or her book’s) advice closely on many other things from then on, and it was like we had a new baby (one who now sleeps through the night, has put on weight brilliantly, and basically seems really happy and contented). I have recommended Sharlene (and her book) to a number of colleagues and friends.