George was 6 months on Sunday and the past month has passed in one big blur!  Currently I am working with George looking after 10mth old baby, 24hrs a day for just over a week.  As I finally make it to bed at 9.50pm, I have an over-tiredness that gives you energy at night, so I decided to make the most of it and write my much overdue blog!

I made the decision to move out of my house for 5 months, to enable me to spend more time with George and have less financial stress. To pay my mortgage, rates, etc, I would need to be returning to longer hours as work and it just seems to be too soon for me to leave George, especially as he is more than likely going to be my only baby.  My property has a large garden and between working, looking after George and housework, I just found there was not enough time to enjoy my days as much.  So the past month I have been tidying, packing and preparing the house for having tenants in, all before I started this job this week.

December with George was a wonderful month of movement and eating… he is so long and lean, he needs little and often.  He was able to benefit from a few vegetables from my garden and I added in a few other things like chicken stock for flavour and goodness at the same time learning likes and dislikes.  He is going to be a fruit lover just like my brother it seems as he loved the Christmas plums and now as I try to eat anything like apricots or nectarines, I hear this sounds of him licking his lips or in some cases grizzling!  I have yet to progress into any type of cereal or meat but this coming month it might be as this bowel motions has been often but on the firmer side with just his vege and fruit diet but in the past week they have started to soften up with more attention paid to combinations that I create for him.  I have purchased millet cereal for to try instead of rice cereal or farex, it is rich in iron also but easier to digest for a lot of babies.  Banana is not a great one I have seen over my career and while he doesn’t have too much of a reaction the bowels and a slight wheezy sound does indicate that he is not that well suited to it yet.

Today for the 10mth olds dinner I made roast chicken and so tomorrow my aim is to turn that into a good stock/broth type soup to add to his vegetables and to give him some more fat as he is still very hungry at the end of the day! I may even try his on some of the meat for the first time.

One of the down sides of working with a 10mth old and G is that he is not feeding on the breast as well in the day (distracted by the noise of dogs/10mth old Charlie and new environment) and so while I’m working he has started to wake again in the night to feed, hungry due to being distracted and the need to catch up at night on what he is not getting in the day. He really would like another bottle (watching older baby) and while I am happy to give him 1 bottle a day or occasionally 2 if out and about and he is not feeding, I am trying to keep my supply up by keeping that feed in the night going. When I finish this job I will go back to encouraging him to sleep through the night or have 1 small feed in the early hours (4-5am).

I moved G to a loose arm swaddle quite a while ago but then I had a Girl+Boy sleeping sack sent to me to trial and it has been fantastic, it is an ‘in between’ sleeping aide, it allows them freedom to move their arms but still a comfort before moving to a armless sleeping bag. I only use this at night, in the day he is unswaddled and just had a snuggle blanket which he loves to have near his face and sometimes to suck!

Several of my clients have been asking what to sleep their babies in due to this hot weather we are having and if you are using sleeping bags then you look at the weight of the sleeping bag fabric, if you are using a fan in the room or not and then short or long sleep Pj’s. The basic need is for their arms to have cover in the early hours of the morning if in a bag as their legs are taken care of.  The top I have been recommending to use with a sleeping bag if house is cool or using a fan is the Nature Baby Pointelle Long Sleeve Bodysuit, it has small holes in the fabric, which means it is nice and cool but still adds that layer for comfort in the early hours. I have been using this also when windy but warm on our walks in the buggy.

Movement wise G has started lifting both knees up while on up on is arms but it is not easy as he has quite a good size head with his long lean body and often I hear him complaining and grunting with frustration at not being able to ‘quite get there’! It is very hard to watch but I try to resist intervening, I just verbally reassure him and have found that using the playpen (to keep the 10mth old off him or dogs away from him while I am busy) he has taken another step as he can push his feet up against the frame!  He has learnt to raise his voice to be heard after Christmas with the cousins and family, a loud “Arrh” coming out of his mouth every so often. I think his approaching first 2 teeth contributed to this also… George cut his first 2 teeth the 2nd day at my job this past week and it has been a constant stream of dribble and administering teething remedies.  I have used the Natropharm teething spray when out and about, Weleda teething powder when home and when the gums looked a bit swollen and G clamping down on my chin, I have used the wonderful Q.Baby teething gel!  His sleep has not been disrupted but he did seem to like clamping down on the nipple at times – rah!

He is holding himself up so much and wanting to bounce all the time – a new nickname he has been given by our 12yr friend Harry is, Grasshopper! He so is like a grasshopper, his long lanky body and love to lip and hang out in the garden!  He has got the stage he doesn’t really like being on the floor as much, he wants to be up and going, so I remain in distraction mode, trying to encourage him to gain his strength with his upper body while being on the floor. He needs to gain strength in his arms to hold up his larger head and his long body!

He remains the Inquistive little man he is, loving fine detail, movement in trees, patterns on fabric and now he is in the forward facing seat in the Mountain Buggy Urban, he is loves watching people and the environment. He is in his happy place sitting back and watching the world go by!

I’m a very tired but happy mum, longing to have a holiday in February when I move to based ourselves at my mum’s in the Coromandel, hoping to take G camping for the first time! 100% mum and G time.





Where have we been?

George is fast approaching 4mths of age, which is such a shock, where has time gone (sadly).  I have loved the past 3.5mths and I only wish I could push a pause button to slow things down a little as I know the coming months are busy and he will be eager to sit, crawl and then walk before I know it.

Many people over the several years I have been working with families have talked about the 4 month old sleep regression, it is something that has become a much-dreaded phase by many mum’s and a large part of my business.

I have never believed in talking about the different stages as regressions, rather thinking about them as progressions, what do we as parents have to think about doing differently to help babies transition into their new age and stage, what we have to do to keep good sleeping practices occurring.

George has been a great sleeper, I worked hard in the first 6-9 weeks creating positive settling and sleeping routines which paid off as he 90% of the time will self-settle and sleep deeply.  However I have just started to notice over the past week that he is showing me signs I need to ‘tweak’ my routine and his activities to help him transition and progress into his 4 month old baby stage.

When they turn 4 months, it is usually the time to think of them as a baby, not a newborn; they are ready for more, for change.

Some of the things I am seeing are; waking after 30-45min occasionally, taking longer than 5min to settle to sleep and not wanting to put down to play under the same baby gym or being left alone post snuggles and feeding time and wanting to stand up or be carried around so he can look at and see the world from a different perspective.

He has found his hands and is sucking on them continuously and dribbling (time to buy more of my favourite bibs from Nature Baby), sucking his swaddle or a blanket (or anything in close reach that is soft fabric!) and is watching me eat, even has started to make me feel guilty eating in front of him as he makes sounds each time I take a mouthful! I have planted in my garden food that is ready for his up and coming move onto solid food, pumpkin, courgette, carrots and kumara and there is stone fruit growing on the trees also.  He is a long lean baby and I have always been a believer that you listen to your baby when it comes to starting solids, longer leaner babies are often hungry babies and quite often are ready before the 6mth goal that is recommended.

When I see the shorter sleep cycles starting I think about the time of day they are occurring as it usually means that I need to increase their physical play, increase their visual stimulation and increase their time awake, not reacting to the usual tired signs – progressing towards an increase of time awake by 15min or so.

I start thinking about his playtime and how I balance his physical, visual and communication play out over the time he is awake.  Some more sensitive babies will show a little separation anxiety, starting off with just being a grizzle but soon can become a cry and so when I have seen a little sign of this with George, I have put into practice what I have talked about with clients, ‘distract before you react’… I pick up a toy or place him near something of interest so that he is distracted, before picking him up if needed.

It is a busy time but progressive and once again, if you spend time helping them by tweaking what your usual routine was, they will transition into the next phase of development without seeing negative ‘regressions’.  And it is about being prepared, I’m thinking about stocking my freezer, getting bibs in stock and starting to implement change to our daily routines that will help us in the coming weeks.

Leaving the newborn stage and becoming a baby!

Its good to be a mum!

Today I had one of those moments, when you stop and look, think, I love this, it is wonderful to have George in my life!  He is smiling and talking, trying to roll and even sit when lying back on my pillow.

He slept while I weeded the garden, he slept when I did my phone consults and then napped when I had friends for a cup of tea!  I am grateful for the knowledge I have, to have spent the time setting up his sleeping routine so that it does make my life easier and does give me time to sit back and reflect on how lucky I am.

Today was day 2 of being home after a work road trip to Wellington, it was a mammoth trip but worth its hard work. I took a seminar for parents and teachers, focusing on the 1-4yr old age group, which was a breath of fresh air from winding and settling!

I had a few nerves in the morning as it has been a few months now since I have taken a seminar but it only took a few minutes before I got back into the swing of things. I do love working even though now with having George in my life it’s hard to juggle it all.

It all has been made much easier having my mother able to help. She came on the roadie to look after G and help ease the load of driving.  The joy that Grandchildren bring for our parents and older generation is so special and unique, the love they have is so genuine because they are connected but without the same responsibilities. Well that is for some Grandparents, many now and in the past played much larger rolls, if not the main care-giving role of their grandchildren’s lives.

Love being a mum!

Sharlene was a huge help to Trish and myself. As new parents, she gave us a really good idea of how we could better understand Joshua and what he needed. As Sharlene says, there are lots of different crys that a baby has, but without the support of someone like Sharlene, we had no idea which was which!

We highly recommend Sharlene’s service and her book to all new parents. Her easy going approach makes her really easy to talk to and seeing her settle our wee boy when he’s upset is a real testament to her professionalism. Thank you again Sharlene!

Adam Crouchley

My partner and I asked Sharlene to come and help us with our new baby girl after we were really struggling to know what to do and our (probably 6 weeks old at that stage) daughter was constantly crying, was losing weight rapidly and generally driving us towards a breakdown. No exaggeration – when our girl saw Sharlene and Sharlene picked her up, she started “cooing” at Sharlene and smiling like she’d never done at us! We knew straight away that she had something special. She gave us some great tips which made immediate improvements, and generally took away a lot of the stress we were feeling. She was able to give us advice on OUR situation and OUR baby, rather than just generalising like some others seemed to. We then followed her (or her book’s) advice closely on a bunch of other things from then on, and it was like we had a new baby (one who now sleeps through the night, has put on weight brilliantly, and basically just seems really happy and contented). I have recommended Sharlene (and her book) to a number of colleagues and friends, and one said that the

Paul Turner

Thank you so much sharlene. My little boy had not slept in his cot for months before trying your settling technique. I too have your book and it is my baby bible! Highly recommend! I was going crazy before I spoke with you and was at a loss as to what to do next. Thank you…

Jessica Burns

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