Sharlene, known as NZ’s Baby Whisperer, is a postnatal advisor who offers parents nationwide her guidance and advice, helping families to have a more enjoyable experience in parenting in the early years. Sharlene offers parental “coaching” in the following key areas.

  • Preparing for your baby
  • Daily Routines
  • Sleeping Problems
  • Feeding Advice
  • Day to day lifestyle suggestions
  • Sibling Adjustment

Sharlene visits parents in their own homes for a selected period of time, she listens and observes, then problem solves giving suggestions and ideas tailored to each families individual needs. Alongside home visits there are other options like phone consultations, Skype calls and group more

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Weekly Hot Tip!

Fussy Feeding

It is very common for babies to start feeding differently around 9 weeks of age. Here are some the reasons why…

1. Lack of sleep (most babies need to have sleep to feed well, to give them enough time to be hungry and then to be drinking enough to be able to sleep!)
2. Awareness (babies have become more aware, like to look around maybe distracted by activity in house when feeding)
3. Wind (babies that are pulling on and off the breast will get more wind with the on and off feeding)
4. Reflux babies
5. Illness (babies may have picked up a cold or illness and are not interested in feeding as much or struggle to breath through their nose)
6. Formula choice (often babies do not suit the formula you have chosen, talk to your doctor about other options)
7. Teat size (the teat flow needs to be suitable for their age, moving to a bigger teat size if needed.
8. Tongue Tie


Coffee Group Seminar - Auckland 7th June

Baby Show - Auckland 20th August


Seminars for Term 4


Settling and Developmental Stages

November 3rd, 10-11.30am

Value of Routine

November 10th, 10-11.30am